Peter Stoffer

Director of Media and Government Relations

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Peter Stoffer served as a Federal Member of Parliament for more than 18 years, representing Sackville Eastern Shore in Nova Scotia.  During his distinguished career in parliament, Peter had 16 private member initiatives adopted by the government, including initiatives to invest in and protect the Shearwater military base and the national shipbuilding program.  His critic roles in parliament included Fisheries and Oceans, Defence and Veterans Affairs, Northern Development ACOA and a variety of national and international committees.  As a member of parliament, Peter was granted various awards, including being 2013 Parliamentary of the Year, and he was knighted by the King and Queen of the Netherlands into the Order of Orange Nassau.

Prior to his time in parliament, Peter worked in a variety of industries, including forestry, hospitality, fibreglass, air travel and politics.  During his 18-year career with Canadian Airlines, Peter was the top ticket sales person nationally in 1989 and 1990, initiated the company’s waste reduction and recycling program, and assisted in the Glycol recovery program at Canada’s airports. 

A native of Heerlen, Limburg, Netherlands, Peter has lived in Richmond, British Columbia; Watson Lake, Yukon; and Windsor Junction, Nova Scotia.  He Has been an active volunteer for his entire life for a variety of organizations throughout Canada and has helped to raise more than $4 million for various causes.