About Us


CONEXUS TRADE leverages export marketing and sales as one measure to enhance their clients’ top line results with:
Increased qualified leads, increased sales, and enhanced long‑term company value.

CONEXUS TRADE brings to the industry a unique approach engaging with, supporting and advising clients at  each stage of strategic planning – research, design, implementation and assessment.

Bolstering the activities of current Marketing and Sales departments and/or taking the lead in implementing critical export marketing and sales support activities, CONEXUS TRADE serves clients who are actively:

  • exploring the potential of their products outside Nova Scotia
  • expanding their export sales
  • commercializing a new, market-ready innovation or technology
  • maximizing international sales, distribution, representation structure, and subsequent return
  • diversifying efforts and advancing new business opportunities on an international scale and/or
  • ​enhancing existing international customer relationships.​



The success of CONEXUS TRADE is largely the result of a principled project management approach.

  • Work closely with the management team throughout the entire process. We;Limit surprise and make sure each group is aware what the other is doing.
  • Provide regular and clear communication when requesting input and providing updates. Assess and develop a functional communication strategy.
  • Respectfully challenge management in their assumptions and beliefs regarding export practices and opportunities. Always ask the tough questions. Objective and candid always proves effective in taking business to the next level.
  • Define action lists. Agree on timetables and schedule check-ins. Implement a stop-gate approach, whereby a specific time line or stage is identified as a point to stop, assess new information, and determine whether to continue on course or alter course.
  • Offer flexible compensation plans. Work on a project‑by‑project basis, ongoing retainer, and a percentage of incremental results realized.
  • Stay accountable to the goals, strategies, timetables and other planning in order to meet targets.